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Why Trump hates TikTok

Oct 29, 2020

There was major controversy when Donald Trump came out to say that he wanted the sensational app, TikTok, banned. Many people were puzzled as to why the president of the US wanted to ban a social media app. There is still so much uncertainty around why he wanted this, but it did cause a stir over the app.

Why Did Trump Want to Ban TikTok?

The main reason, from the information available, is that Trump’s motivation for banning the TikTok app in America was because it posed, and still poses a threat to national security. This assumption comes from the app’s ties to China. However, this claim has later been deemed as untrue.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform that provides users with an array of endless editing features. These features encourage the creation of engaging and unique videos. The TikTok algorithm makes the app incredibly addictive as gaining world-wide recognition is possible through TikTok's 'For You Page.'

Many social media influences have become overnight TikTok sensations from posting dancing, singing, and other entertaining videos. This has caused fame and riches to be brought to these TikTok superstars.

Is TikTok Banned in the US?

The Commerce Department made an announcement in early September 2020 that the downloading feature on the TikTok platform would be banned by the end of September 2020. In addition to this, further restrictions would be going into effect by mid-November. These restrictions make it illegal for internet backbone companies to showcase the internet traffic of TikTok.

Nonetheless, Trump's initial statement to ban TikTok in its entirety, was canceled. It doesn't seem as though TikTok is going anywhere anytime soon. Thus, users can continue to post their lip-syncing and dancing videos and try to get TikTok famous without any problems.

What Is TikTok Fame?

Becoming TikTok famous has become all the rave. The algorithm backed by TikTok makes it incredibly easy for users to interact with a wide array of individuals from across the world. The more users post interactive, engaging, and unique content through videos, the more recognition they can receive through the platform.

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Gaining TikTok fame can help users achieve more success in other social media realms. For this reason, getting TikTok famous is known to be one of the best ways to kick start their social media career.

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Written by Derrrick