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Top 10 Most Followed TikTok accounts in 2020

Oct 26, 2020

TikTok has taken the world by storm, and new terms are being created that are influenced by the platform. One of these terms is 'TikTok famous.' This is when a TikTok user gains many fans on the platform and generates a significant following, which causes people to start talking about them. Many people have joined the app and have received tremendous amounts of success from creating interesting, engaging, and creative content through videos. Here are the top 10 most followed and successful users on the TikTok app in 2020:

1.     Charli D’Amelio (94,300,000 Followers)

Charli is a competitive dancer who made an impact on the app by first posting dancing videos. She now has the world at her feet and is known by crowds of users across the globe.


2.     Addison Rae (65,800,000 Followers)

Addison Rae is another competitive dancer who has brought her expertise to the TikTok world by posting endless dancing videos. Her status has grown so much while using the platform that she’s known to hang out with the rich and famous, including the Kardashians.


3.     Zach King (51,200,000)

Zach King is an American internet personality, illusionist, and filmmaker who is most known for his ‘magic vines.’ He first became popular on Vine before integrating to other similar platforms and landing on TikTok.


4.     TikTok (48,200,000 Followers)

Of course, this popular app has its very own TikTok account. The account reposts other users’ videos that are engaging and creative, which helps these other accounts grow.


5.     Loren Gray (48,200,000 Followers)

Loren first became popular through her account, lorengray. She later transitioned to TikTok when it replaced She has gone on to achieve fame on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.


6.     Spencer X (46,700,000 Followers)

Spencer X is a YouTube sensation who is famous for his exceptional beatboxing and music skills. He has taken these talents to the TikTok platform, creating engaging and creative videos, which has brought him a massive following.


7.     Riyaz (43,500,000 Followers)

Riyaz is an actor, model, and TikTok personality that has gained tremendous success over the app. He currently lives in India with his family but has fans from all around the world.


8.     Dixie D’Amelio (41,300,000 Followers)

Dixie is the older sister of Charli D'Amelio, the most followed user on TikTok. She is also a competitive dancer with more than ten years of experience. She has also risen to fame by posting dancing and comedic videos on TikTok.


9.     Michael Le (41,100,000 Followers)

Michael Le is an American dancer who is more commonly known as JustMaiko on social media. He first rose to fame when he began posting videos on and sustained his fame to TikTok.


10. Will Smith (39,500,000 Followers)

Will Smith has been in the spotlight for longer than social media has been around. He has remained relevant throughout the years and is even incredibly popular among the younger generation. This is due to his incredibly engaging and comedic personality, shown through his acting and social media career.


Written by TikTokTop